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It is a condition that checks if a field in related issue(s) has a given value or if it is set. There are some extra options that let you check the number of attachments or worklogs.

Element summary
Version campatibilitycompatibility6.0.1 - Latest
Introduced in version1.0.0

Condition parameters

  • Related Issues - as described below
  • Field - a field to be checked
  • Check the type:
    • Number of elements (returns 0 if the field is empty, 1 for single-value fields, and more than one 1 if the field is multi-option and more that one option was selected). If you want to check "if a field is not empty" set "Number of elements > 0",
    • Field value (a specific field value),
    • Field value meets regular expression.
  • Multiple issue behaviourbehavior
    • All found issues have to pass the condition.
    • Any found issue has to pass the condition.

Excerpt Include
JQL-Based Conditions, Validators and Post Functions
JQL-Based Conditions, Validators and Post Functions