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Once the Assessment session Session has been started the Assessment Center page for the session is available. Drag and drop the Idea to the respective section to vote for it.

Ideas can be assigned to ranked into the following categories (according to MoSCoW prioritization technique):

  • Must

  • Should

  • Could

  • Won’t

Note: if MoSCoW Limited method was chosen, categories will be capped to the following levels:

  • Must- no more than 20%

  • Should - no more than 30%

  • Could - no more than 30%

  • Won’t


  • - no more than 20%

The purpose of such a limitation is to avoid a situation in which there are only “Must” and “Should” in the pool.


Once the Committee has determined which category is most appropriate for each Idea, they can finish the Assessment Session by clicking I’m done button at the top right-hand corner. Votes will be displayed on the Assessment management page.