All published Ideas can be voted up / down by other users. Users can unvote Ideas at any time. Idea’s score is calculated as remainder between votes up and votes down.


There are 3 types of comments at Ideation:

Public comments - comments at Idea Portal, which are visible for both Portal users and Jira users. Those comments can be voted up/down and classified (not mandatory) into categories such as Improvement, Question and For Moderator. Public comments can be pinned to the top of a thread.

Internal comments - comments which are displayed at Jira issue (Idea Comments tab) and can be viewed only by Jira users. Internal comments cannot be voted or classified.

With Author comments - comments between Portal Admin and Idea Author which had been made when Idea was in status . Those comments are not visible to other Portal users.


It is possible to mention someone by typing ‘@' + user_name. The system will suggest users with relevant names including their avatars and roles. The user who has been mentioned will receive an email notification.

Portal users are able to mention the following people:

Jira users are able to mention the same people and other Jira users according to Browse Users permission.


Views display the number of times an idea is viewed. Please note: the app sums 1 daily entry for each particular user which means the counter is incremented when a user visits the page first time a day, next visits by the same user are not counted. This was implemented to get a more accurate idea count and in order to exclude the performance impact.