Product Overview

What is the Automated Attachments plugin?

The Automated Attachments plugin is a solution that extends Jira's power by a mechanism that automatically creates issue attachments. This system can create a file that contains an issue report or a scurm card containing issue data. If you use your Jira as software that should create a lot of similar files,  our plugin can do a lot of manual work automatically.

How does it work?

The Automated Attachments Plugin operates on the basis of documents' templates that you can create in a text editor. Templates contain tags - bounded by $$ signs. Our plugin converts the tags to the issue content (standard Jira fields, comments and custom fields) and attaches parsed documents to the issue if needed. The generation of the document can be either automated (as a workflow post-function) or manual (called by user via the More menu).

Can I See it in Action?

Yes, of course. We prepared a short demonstration video where you can see all major features.