Recorded Responses

Recorded Responses are a database of user responses to an announcement, conveniently ordered as a table.

Admins love stats! (heart) 

First of all, Recorded Responses is advanced capabilities of control and supervision of announcements (and feeds), and in particular their results.
This feature allows administrators to easily navigate between tables and charts, quickly downloading the data they are looking for.

To open the Recorded Responses tab you need to open the Manage feed tab, choose the feed and then click "Show responses" button


What data can administrators read?

After running the recorded responses, administrators see a database with:

  • lists of announcements and there types
  • lists of issue titles (if announcements concern issues), 
  • lists of users who are recipients of announcements in the selected feed,
  • lists of users' responses with their dates.

Administrators can sort this data by:

  • user and/or announcement name,
  • response and its date, 
  • lack of response. 

Administrators can quickly get information about the results of each announcement and the behavior of each user.
They can see the trends of responses and control whether all users have responded to announcements, and when they do it. 

But Recorded Responses is much more! 

Data export

The Recorded Responses option allows administrators to export the necessary announcement details with a single button "export to CSV".