Managing Feeds

On the left side, you can see the list of feeds:

Click on the selected feed to view the announcements related to the feed. You can switch between feeds.

You can add a feed by clicking the "Add a new feed" button on the top panel. 

Next to the name of the feed, you can see its location (Jira Software or Jira Service Management ), place (e.g. Dialog , Flag , Full Screen  etc.) and a little "ABC" icon representing the color scheme used in the feed.

Click to see the number of announcements, edit or delete the feed, add an announcement and go to the Recorded Responses.


On the right site, you can see the list of announcements

The default view shows all announcements

Next to the name of the announcement, you can see which feed the announcement is related to, its date status (e.g.  CURRENT) and edit and delete buttons. 

To the left of the announcement's name you can see its type:
a) Simple text 
b) Single issue 
c) Multiple issues 

Additionally, the list of Feeds and Announcements works on the principle of "Drag & Drop", which means that you can change their location on the list.

(info) In the case of a list of announcements, this works only if you previously selected feed (the default view "All of the announcements" is not enabled).

By default, newly created feeds and announcements appear at the end of the list.

Displaying Announcements

(info) To improve navigation, created announcements are not displayed in the Manage feeds tab.

They will be visible only after switching to a different tab.