Assessment management


  • Current Session - placeholder for dropping the Ideas between sessions (e.g. to compare the results).

  • All Ideas - all submitted Ideas for current Portal (including Ideas that are in status draft or Dropped).

  • Unassigned - Ideas that are not assigned to any Assessment session.

Ideas in Unassigned / All Ideas tabs are sorter by votes score. In the Current Session, tab Ideas are sorted by their rank.

You can filter Ideas by its content, vote score or status.

Create a Session

  1. Log in as a user with the Portal moderator role.

  2. Navigate to Issues tab → Projects and search for the desired project.

  3. At the Project sidebar locate the Assessment management tab.

  4. Click Create session.

  5. Fill in Session name and Session goal (optional).

  6. Enter session Start and End dates.

  7. Select the Assessment committee(s) for the session.

  8. Define the Assessment method to be used in the session.

  9. Confirm with the Submit button.


Add Ideas to the Session

To add ideas to the session click the expand button, then drop to the bottom desired Ideas from the Unassigned sections.

Ideas in any status can be added to the session.

To remove items from the session drop Ideas back to the bottom.


Edit Session


  1. To edit a Session click on three dots at the right corner of the sessions table and press Edit Session.

  2. Modify needed fields.

  3. Confirm with the Submit button.

To change Session status click on three dots at the right corner of the sessions table and select needed status.

Make sure to set the Assessment committee and drop at least one idea to the session in order to be able to start the progress.


Sessions filtering

Use the filter to display sessions in a particular status.

Session statuses:

  • Planning

  • In Progress

  • Finished

  • Archived


Session Statuses



Options Available


Options Available


  • Edit Session

  • Delete Session

  • Add an Idea

  • Remove an Idea

  • Change Status


  • Add an Idea

  • Change Status


  • Change Status


Changing statuses

  • PLANNING IN PROGRESS - click Start Session

  • IN PROGRESS → PLANNING (this will clear all current assessments) - click Restart Session or FINISHED - click Finish Session

  • FINISHED → IN PROGRESS - click Re-Activate Session or ARCHIVED - click Archive Session.