Configuration of notifications sent when the Secure Field value changes

By default, Jira does not send notifications to all users when the Secure Field value changes. This is due to security measures that prevent unauthorized users from accessing the content of these fields. However, you can access these fields with the Automation for Jira plugin.

Settings configuration with the Automation for Jira plugin:

  1. To begin, you have to add an event, which will occur when the value of a given field changes. In order to do this, enter the Administrator panel in the System menu and then go to Events. Select Add New Event, enter a name and choose a template.

  2. From the System menu select Automation rules to add a new rule that will allow you to send notifications. Such rule is created when Create rule is selected. Choose the Multiple issue events option from the list to set it as a New trigger.

  3. Select your previously created event from the list.
  4. Then select a component, depending on the type of notification you want to set. For example, you want to configure the settings to change the Secure Field content so that it adds a comment in the issue. In order to do this, select New action and Comment on issue.

  5. To complete the configuration, change the settings of your Secure Field. In the Administrator panel choose Issues and then Custom fields.
  6. Find the field you want to adjust and go to its settings (the cog icon).

  7. Select Edit permission scheme to access permission settings.
  8. Add the field to the Throw an event when the field has been modified option so that your event reacts when the field value changes. Save your changes to settings.

  9. When you properly configure the settings after changing the field contents, a comment is added to the issue.