How to set existing custom fields to secure ones?

How to change an existing custom field to a secure one without deleting it and creating a new custom field?

User guide

Since the 1.0.43 version, Secure Fields provide a method to automatically migrate from an existing custom field to a Secure Field. You need to be a JIRA administrator to perform this operation.

Please visit JIRA-Administration -> Add-ons -> Migration (Experimental) 

On this page you can find custom fields that can be migrated to Secure Fields. You can migrate most built-in JIRA custom fields, but not custom fields provided by other plugins.  Please note that not all fields can be migrated to the same type. For example, a field of the "Checkboxes"  type can be migrated to "Secure Multi Select List". As for now, the Secure Fields plugin does not provide the "Secure Checkboxes" field type. 

Secure History

By default we are not migrating custom field history. In this scenario "old history" is available to all users - just like it was before. Only changes made after the migration will be stored in the Secure Field History. If you check the Migrate field history to Secure History option, all values from the custom field history will be stored in the Secure Field History. The migrated custom field history will be deleted. 


  1. If you haven't done that before, please backup your JIRA instance, as the migration process is irreversible.
  2. Please select all fields you want to migrate.
  3. [optional] Check the Migrate field history to Secure History option. 
  4. When you are ready click the Migrate button.
  5. When migration is finished you will see the following message:
  6. Restart your JIRA instance.
  7. Reindex your JIRA instance.