Adding a Secure Field

JIRA allows adding optional fields called custom fields. You can choose between Standard and Advanced types while creating one. The Secure Fields plugin extends the range of Advanced types. It adds custom fields that in a way are duplicates of standard fields (the same range of choice) except that they additionally assign permissions.

Adding a field directly to an issue

Secure custom fields can be created by JIRA Admins while being in the View Issue screen with the Admin > Add field option.

Simply begin typing a new name and "(Create new field)" option should appear. After clicking "Create field" navigate to the "Advanced" tab and type "secure" into the search bar in the upper right corner or just look for the Secure Field type that's interesting you. Note that you do not have to leave the screens when you want to configure the options for the chosen custom field.

Adding a Secure Field using the Add Custom Field button

  1. Log in as a user with the JIRA Administrators global permission.
    Choose  > Issues. Select Fields > Custom Fields to open the Custom Fields page.
    (info) Tip: Use a Keyboard shortcutg + g + start typing custom fields.
  2. Click the Add Custom Field button. The dialog displays Standard choices for custom fields by default. Click on the Advanced option in the left navigation bar to search for Secure Fields.
    (info) Tip: You will easily recognize all Secure Fields as their name starts with Secure.
  3. Select the chosen Secure Field by clicking on it and confirm your choice with the Next button.
  4. Configure the selection criteria for your field by adding the Name for a chosen Secure Field and optionally its description.
    (info) Tip: The Field Name will appear as the custom field's title in both entering and retrieving information on issues, whereas the Field Description is displayed beneath the data entry field when entering new issues and editing existing issues, but not when browsing issues.
  5. Confirm the whole process by clicking the Create button.
  6. After that, you will be redirected to the Screens tab, where you will be asked to associate your newly created secure field with the appropriate screen in which you want it to be displayed.

You will be able now to find your Secure Field listed in Fields > Custom Field.