Secure Fields Types


JIRA has a lot of different types of Custom Fields. The Secure Fields are offering the extension of them.

When adding a new Custom Field, select Advanced option and there you can find our Secure equivalents of fields:

IconCustom Field TypeSummary

Secure Date PickerAn input field allowing an input with a date picker and enforcing valid dates.

Secure Date Time PickerA custom field that stores dates with a time component.

Secure ListA single select list with a configurable list of options.
Secure Multi Group PickerChoose one or more user groups using a popup picker window.
Secure Multi Select ListSelect a list permitting multiple values to be selected.

Secure Multi UsersChoose one or more users from the user base via a popup picker window.

Secure NumberAn input field storing and validating numeric (floating point) values. Additionally, it is possible to define the accuracy, minimum and maximum value

Secure Single Group PickerChoose a user group using a popup picker window.
Secure Single UserChoose a user from the user base via a popup picker window.
Secure Text (multi-line)A multi-line text area field to allow input of longer text strings.
Secure Text (single line)A basic single line input field to allow a simple text input of less than 255 characters.

Secure Version Picker (single version)Choose a single version from the available version in the project.

Secure Version Picker (multiple versions)Choose from available versions in the project.

Secure ComponentChoose from available components in the project.

Masked Secure Text FieldAn input field enables restricting its value from reading. 

Secure Password Field (multi-line)Enables to store data behind a secure mask and requires reauthentication when a user tries to access the field's value.