Exposing REST API for SLA Analytics


1 2 /rest/sla/1.0/analytics/{issueKey} /rest/sla/1.0/analytics/{issueKey}/{analyticsId}

where issueKey is the key of the issue we want data from, analyticsId is the ID of Analytics we want to filter with.

The first endpoint uses only the Issue key and shows all data for all Analytics in a given issue. The second one filters it to selected Analytics.


Response structure:




              "analyticsName": text,

              "analyticsId": text,

              "values": [


                        "name": text,

                         "seconds": number,

                        "duration": text,

                        "percent": text







name of Analytics


Analytics ID


an array of Analytics values


value name


number of seconds such value was present


human-readable time of above value


percentage of occurrence of that value


If successful, the response status is OK HTTP 200.

If no Issue/Analytics corresponding to provided keys were found, the endpoint returns NOT FOUND HTTP 404.

If a user has no permission for this issue - No issue with a provided key was found.

If a user has permission but there is no SLA agreement for the issue - Issue has no valid SLA agreement.

If a user has permission but provided wrong Analytics key - No SLA Analytics with provided key was found.


Example of Analytics data returned from REST API