Advanced Configuration

There are additional possibilities to change the way SLA PowerBox works that are not implemented in the UI, but are configurable in the individual property (or 'key' associated with a value).

To read more about how "keys' work, check the official Atlassian documentation.

In the jira-config-properties file, you can find SLA PowerBox keys which value you can change to better fit you needs. 

1. Sorting SLA fields on the issue view

You can sort by Field ID, Field Name, Agreement Name. Default value: SLA_AGREEMENT_NAME_ASC 


You can choose one of the following values:







If you want to use the simplest possible sorting option, you don't need to add any parameters to configuration file. It's enough to rename your SLA Agreements accordingly, eg:

01. Time to first reponse

02. Time to resolution

03. Time to closure

2. Showing the state of the calendar on the issue view

You can choose whether you want the value to be true or false.

When you set it as true, there will be small dot visible on SLA Metric. It shows office hours/out of office.

3. Notifications

     3.1 How long before a next attempt to send a notification if the previous one has failed. Default value: 10m

     3.2 Maximum number of attempts to send a notification. Default value: 5


     3.3 Maximum number of threads in application that send notifications. Default value: 10


     3.4 How often to check and add new notifications to be sent. Default value: 1m

     3.5 How often to check if there are undelivered notifications in the queue. Default value: 30m


     3.6 Time between updating issue and sending notification. Default value: 5000ms 


4. Cache settings

     4.1 Ability to get the value of the SLA field from cache. Default value: true


     4.2 How long after the value of the SLA field is deleted from cache. Default value: 3000ms


     4.3 How often to check if to delete SLA field value from cache. Default value: 600ms


     4.4 How long before deleting a goal value from cache. Default value: 3000ms


5. Miscellaneous

     5.1 How many threads are created to reindex SLA Agreement(s). Default value: 10