SLA Metric for Users

SLA Metric Field

Below you can find sample information about the functionality of the Metric Field.

Colour status:

Below you can find information about colour status used in the SLA States.

  • Green - more than 75% time available  
  • Blue - 50-75% time available 
  • Yellow - 25-50% time available 
  • Brown - 0-25% time available
  • Red - the time limit breached
  • Light Grey - the calculation not started
  • Grey - SLA Metric cancelled

SLA States:

Below you can find some screenshots showing the types of the SLA States.

  • Not Started - the time counter not started
  • Active - the time counter active
  • On Hold - the time counter paused
  • Finished - the time counter finished and the time limit has not been breached
  • Exceeded - the time counter finished but the time limit has been breached
  • Cancelled - SLA Metric cancelled