Reporting is an essential part of the SLA Management process. SLA PowerBox empowers you with three distinct types of reports - JQL Reporting, Project Reports, and Dashboard Gadgets.

Learn the strengths of each of these types here.

JQL Reporting

Advanced search functions

SLA PowerBox for JIRA provides a set of functions you can use to track performance against your SLAs.

You can search for issues with 11 different functions that allow you to search against three different types of functions:

  • SLA Metric State

  • SLA Breach Status

  • Metric's Duration

Project Reports

Powerful project-based reporting

You can generate reports directly from the Project tab, using a chosen metric, date, internal and period. You can narrow the results further down, by using JQL query. There are 5 available report types:

  • SLA Finished vs. Finished on Time

  • All Issues vs. Not Breached

  • All Issues vs. Breached

  • All Issues vs Cancelled

  • All Issues vs Finished on Time

Dashboard Gadgets

Your dedicated SLA Dashboard

You can create an SLA Dashboard, where you can place different gadgets that will help you understand how your organization deals with SLAs at a glance.

We have 3 gadgets to choose from:

  • SLA PowerBox Breached report

  • SLA PowerBox Performance gadget

  • SLA PowerBox State Gadget