Project Reports

To access SLA project reports, you need to go to your project tab. On the left tab, at the very bottom, you will find an expandable “Add-ons” menu. Click on it, and the “SLAs” button will appear.

After clicking on it, you will see the Project Reports screen:


  1. SLAs” button - click on it to enter the SLA Report screen.

  2. Click here to select a report type. There are 5 report types available:

    1. SLA Finished vs. Finished on Time

    2. All Issues vs. Not Breached

    3. All Issues vs. Breached

    4. All Issues vs Cancelled

    5. All Issues vs Finished on Time

  3. Select the Metric that you want to analyze in your report.

  4. Set filters. You can choose Date, Period and Interval.

  5. The “Prepare report” button. Click on it to make the magic happen.

  6. Here you can see a sample report in a graph form, generated for our project SAMPLE.

Additional options:

  • Only Issues with the SLA metric started - if your SLA agreement contains a condition, that SLA timer starts only after the solutions are accepted by both parties, there can be issues that are created, but the SLA metric hasn’t yet started for them. Tick this option to exclude these from your report.

  • Additional JQL - enter your JQL query to further narrow your search.

If you scroll down, besides the chart you will see the SLA report contained in a table: