Notifications overview

SLA PowerBox provides Jira users with an innovative way of getting informed about the actions within the SLA service. 

Notification features have been created for users who find convenient and quick solutions the most useful in their work. It is tied directly to your Jira so when something unexpected happens and the SLA timer starts, both the service provider and the customer get informed about all relevant changes. It’s an event-based behavior and focuses on enhancing and facilitating the process of receiving notifications from Jira.

This solution optimizes your time – now you have instant and continuous access to the information you need. All changes pertaining to a specific event are contained within the SLA PowerBox plugin as well as notification settings. Users have everything in one place. In addition, the SLA Agreement settings range was extended by the Notification Scheme and Service Manager options.

Note that the SLA Notification History tab has been added to the view issue screen. It provides information about the Notification's status - verifies whether the message was successfully delivered.