Administrator's Guide

Creating Metrics and Calendars

Add SLA Metric Field

SLA PowerBox for JIRA plugin gives you possibility to create  Metric Fields. SLA Metrics are reusable across SLA Agreements so you can select existing SLA Metric Custom Field or specify a name for new SLA Metric Custom Field. Please click on the link below for further details.

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Create SLA Calendar

Calendar defines work days e.g. for SLA Metric Field time calculation. Each SLA Goal can use multiple calendars in accordance to buissness needs. Please click on the link below for further details.

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Table of contents

Configuring SLA Agreement

Set up Goals

SLA Goal define maximum time assigned to SLA Metric Fields. Each SLA Goal lets you set default maximum time and a set of rules for assigning time to specific issues. Each SLA Metric Field can be assigned one SLA Goal. Please click on the link below for further details

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Configure SLA Behaviours

SLA Behaviours define SLA Metric fields' behaviour is response to JIRA issue events.
SLA Metric's state is dependent on JIRA issue events. Please click on the link below for further details.

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Configure SLA Agreement

SLA Agreements are containers that combine parameters including SLA Metric, SLA Behaviours and SLA Goals, so that you can manage your SLAs and their requirements in JIRA. Please click on the link below for further details. Each SLA Agreement can be limited to one or more projects and issue types.

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Reporting & Analysis

Use JQL Search 

You can define your search criteria in two ways. You can find your issues using basic search (Navigate to Issues > Search for issues, then enter your search criteria)

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or using advance option (i. e. using the JIRA Query Language (JQL). SLA PowerBox comes with a bunch of JQL functions allowing you to search SLAs effectively and easily.

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View SLA History

Each SLA Metric can be audited through its change history. All states change history is visible, so you can review all past events that impacted the Metric in both text or chart form. You can find your SLA History in each issue at the bottom of issue page in overlap SLA History

SLA Gadgets

We provide 3 reporting gadgets that can help you understand how your organization deals with SLAs - Performance Gadget, Breached Report, SLA State Gadget.

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