Getting Started with SLA PowerBox

Manage SLA Agreements

SLA Agreement

SLA Agreements contain all features that the SLA PowerBox plugin has to offer. Keeping everything in one place helps you to create more efficient management. It gathers such features as Behaviours, Calendars, and Goals in one plugin.

While Jira Service Management has built-in SLA feature, SLA PowerBox is far more complex and works in Jira, too!


SLA Configuration is an exceptional feature that allows you to customize the SLA PowerBox plugin to the business needs, so you can apply it to the agreements made with your clients.

In short, the SLA Configuration defines SLA METRIC field behaviour in response to Jira Issue Events.

By using an embedded feature, you can create an action that will start in response to a particular issue event. You can set parameters (create and personalize an unlimited number of Metrics, Goals, Behaviours, Calendars, and Agreements) and prioritize them - all of this is possible in order to create a combination of actions that will help you with time management.

Table of Contents

Personalize Calendars

The SLA PowerBox plugin allows you to create personalized calendars. You can pinpoint working days with exceptions such as days off or special working hours for particular days. SLA Metric will take into account the calendar when calculating the remaining time.

Set Goals

SLA Goals enable you to set the maximum time allowed for the execution of a particular task. You will be able to set rules for more specific issue scenarios and add any restrictions that may be necessary.

Tracking time with SLA Metric Field

SLA PowerBox - On-Time Service Delivery is designed to make the monitoring of the SLA execution easier. With the help of the SLA Metric Field, you can track the time intended for the particular issue. You can precisely determine when to start, pause, resume or stop the timer according to the issue status.

Additional Features

Backup & Restore

Plugin configuration is automatically backed up and restored. It is included in Jira backup/restore functionality.