What are Visual Links?

Visual Links visualizes Jira links between issues.

It is perfect for planning and follow-up of product development, since it can rapidly and clearly show all dependencies among tasks, stories and epics. Therefore Visual Links allows to quickly find dependencies and connections between the issues.

What can Visual Links do?

Give you the visual view of your issues and all the links related to it.

You will be able to easier understand the connections between the issues. Which issue is blocking your work, which issues are duplicated and so on. It is not obvious when you have them listed, but it all is clear when looking at it

Change linking in an intuitive way.

When you press and hold an arrow linking the issues you have the option to remove or reverse the link.

Navigate through linked issues easily. 

When you click and hold the issue, you are transferred to a fullscreen mode, where you can see all the links more clearly. 

When you double click the issue, you will be transferred to the issue page.